OP|BLONDE Rejuvenating Acid Mask

OP|BLONDE REJUVENATING ACID MASK has a very strong antioxidant power thanks to its formula based on lactic acid, citric acid to balance hair Ph, cold-pressed Goji berries and passion flower. A mix of ingredients that will give new life to aged, dull, dull, dry, and heat- and chemical-damaged hair. The hair will become supple again, recover its original shape, and the hair will be nourished and gain strength from the ingredients in the mask for a real result, in fact, we are not talking about “effect” but new hair life.

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Acid pH cream treatment with regenerating, sealing and antioxidant action for brittle and weakened hair.

It is the central phase of the treatment by also having longer exposure times. It makes hair firm, eliminates frizz, gives softness and smoothness to the brush for easier styling and a cosmetically excellent final effect.

Formulated with citric acid for pH balancing action, and Goji berry extract with strong antioxidant power.


1000 ml, 250 ml


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