OP|BLONDE Anti-Yellow Shampoo


OPBLONDE Anti-Yellow Shampoo is your best ally to counteract the yellow effect present in white-gray hair, natural blondes and especially blondes lightened by color and bleach.
Its 90% natural composition will keep hair super soft and silky.
Thanks to the innovative purple pigment of the highest quality contained in both the shampoo and the mask, we were able to achieve:

  • A neutralizing effect of yellow and orange pigment
  • A clean, bright blonde color

Contains wheat and soy amino acids, sunflower extract, violet extract, walnut oil, arginine, Hyaluronic Acid, and plant collagen.

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Neutralizes yellow tones and makes light hair brighter and more luminous. Also good for gray, white and bleached hair.

In addition to the highest quality purple pigment and Fision Keraveg 18 plant amino acid complex, the anti-yellowing shampoo contains walnut and almond extracts and a concentration of vitamins that deeply nourish the hair, making it nourished, shiny and smooth to the touch.

It brightens highlights, neutralizes yellow tones, and makes light hair, lightened by color and bleach, and white and gray hair brighter and more brilliant. Nourished hair, soft to the touch.


250 ml






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