The perfect routine for your blond


perfect for your blond

Do you know what are the 3 common mistakes
NOT TO DO if you have blond hair?

Rely on the price of the product

On average, women fall into two categories: those who seek a product “for blond hair” at the highest price, and those who believe that high price is a synonym for greater effectiveness.

Whether it costs 1€ or 1,000€, it is not necessarily good for you!

Making color at home

Doing color alone when you have highlights can result in loss of shine, color and highlights.

Renew your highlights with a toning mask specific to your tone!

the heavy keratin

As pleasant as the smooth effect given by Keratin may be, this treatment is extremely aggressive for blond hair.

Prefer a moisturizing treatment based on Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen!

Follow our

hair routine

for a



  • Moisten hair and apply OP|BLONDE REPAIR SERUM N3, a regenerating cream with a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

  • Apply the product directly with your hands, strand by strand massaging from roots to ends.

  • Leave the serum on for a minimum of 10 minutes, remember that OP|BLONDE REPAIR SERUM N3 can be held for as long as desired even beyond six hours. Its formula is designed to Regenerate the hair fiber from within by rebuilding the sulfide bridges between the hair and natural keratins.


  • Proceed with OP|BLONDE POST COLOR shampoo, a residue-free shampoo that gently cleanses skin and hair while protecting natural or chemical color.

  • OP|BLONDE POST COLOR shampoo is created to keep the ph of the skin unaffected and Treat hair by giving light and shine.


  • With damp hair, apply OP|BLONDE REGENERATING COLOR MASK, the toner mask to revive or correct blond hair. You can choose from three shades of toner: PLATINUM for cool blondes, HONEY for golden or and honey blondes, ASH to correct the effect yellow on the hair.

  • Spread the mask strand by strand massaging from roots to ends, then leave on for 15 minutes.

OP|BLONDE REGENERATING COLOR MASKS contain not only translucent color micropigments but also a formula that softens and nourishes the hair at its outermost part.


  • Rinse thoroughly and with damp hair apply a few drops of OP|BLONDE MINERAL LEAVE IN, a real hair food, a booster of nutrients that are absorbed by the hair above and below the cuticles.

The conditioning effect of this leave-in closes the cuticles in a way that keeps all the nutrients inside the hair, increasing its natural hydration and giving a visibly plumped and disciplined effect.


Proceed with drying and be enchanted by the effect of shine, regeneration and softness of the hair!

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