Hair Detox Kit

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Deeply regenerate in the shortest possible time with products from the new REJUVENATING LINE.
The Kit Consists of 3 products REJUVENATING ACID shampoo, mask and spray, with the addition of the precious OP|BLONDE REPAIR SERUM N3.
In one kit ,the best detoxifying and regenerating hair treatment.

  • Rebuilds damaged outer parts of the hair
  • Formula enriched with fresh fruit acids gives hair shine and strength
  • Immediate glossy effect on hair
  • Silk proteins work on immediate softness
  • Lactic acid keeps hair constantly protected and moisturized.
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The new Rejuvenating Acid line consists of a shampoo, a mask and a final rinse spray.
The entire line has been formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), a complex of potent organic acids from fruits and plants, in this case lemon extract, mango extract, passion flower extract, lactic acid from the biotechnological world, i.e., chemistry applied to living substances, and glycolic acid derived from sugarcane.
The entire range of new OP products has a very low pH, among the most acidic in the market, between 3.5 and 4, which helps restore hair to its natural state through an external smoothing that gives hair a strong cosmetic impact of health and softness to the touch.
The fruit acid complex (AHA) of the new OP|BLONDE line, is used by facial cosmetic lines to practice The so-called enzymatic peeling, which is a gentle exfoliation method suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
Peeling, takes advantage of the properties of the complex of alpha hydroxy acids including glycolic and lactic acid, contained in the “rejuvenating acid” line to smooth the most superficial and visible part of the hair, mechanically close the cuticles and thus make the surface shiny, reflective and the hair compact, with a visible effect of regeneration and increased vitality.



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90,00  72,00 

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