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Two-tone velvet effect lipstick: the iconic deep red from satin, matte red from matte. On application it is shiny, but by swiping over the lips the finish becomes matte.

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Enhance your lips with Velvet Air Lipstick, the velvet-effect lipstick that glides on, leaving an airy, light cushion of lasting color. It’s not just any make-up product: the star of some of the world’s biggest fashion shows, lipstick
ECRU New York
has a chameleon-like texture that appears differently depending on the application. A single touch of your finger transforms its satin finish into a matt effect.

The Red Velvet color from satin is the ultimate deep red; by making it matte, you will get a touch of matte red.

The secret of Velvet Air Lipstick is the specially blended pigment formulation to settle evenly and embrace the lips with intense, long-lasting color. ECRU New York has created yet another product that provides the desired effect without using harsh ingredients! The carefully designed mix of oils and pigment powders creates a fluid, velvety texture with a moisturizing consistency. You’ll never feel dry lips, and when you check the mirror to see if a touch-up is needed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the gorgeous color of your lipstick still there!

If the shiny effect is not what you desire, you can simply run your fingers over your lips to make the color a matte matte. The result will always look natural; the rich pigments and oil components moisturize to such an extent that you won’t even feel the lipstick. It doesn’t weigh at all! With one product you have two different textures at your disposal: isn’t that amazing?

All Velvet Air Lipsticks come with a magnetic closure.


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