Anti-Yellow Repair Kit

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The kit created for you who want to eliminate the yellow effect from your hair and regenerate your hair from roots to ends. The kit includes OP|BLONDE SERUM N3 for complete deep regeneration of the hair fiber, increases the strength and health of the hair by rebuilding its damaged parts. OP|BLONDE Anti-Yellow shampoo, the extraordinarily effective anti-yellow shampoo formula that leaves hair soft, clean, fragrant and free of yellowed areas! OP|BLONDE Anti-Yellow Mask, an upgrade that continues to work on neutralizing yellow/orange areas and nourishes hair with natural components, including arginine, soy, lactic acid, sunflower seed oil, serine and Centaura flowers.

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THE Anti- Yellow REPAIR KIT is created by our team of blond experts to give you a natural or bleached blond that is healthy and free of yellow-orange highlights.

Real magic for blond hair! Thanks to OP|BLONDE REPAIR SERUM N3 you can conveniently and quickly activate the strongest professional capillary regeneration.

This means that your hair will return soft, shiny and healthy from roots to ends, but not only that, in addition to an externally visible effect, magic work happens inside the hair fiber where OP|BLONDE Repair Serum N3 works. The regenerating molecule action based on Hyaluronic Acid and collagen rebuilds, and fortifies the inner parts of the hair by activating progressive care application after application.

With OP|BLONDE ANTI-YELLOW SHAMPOO you have the power in your hands! Because this anti-yellow shampoo is not like any other.

Hair will not dry out in fact it will be wonderfully soft and fragrant.

Yellow highlights and yellowed strands will be cleaned of unwanted pigment, transforming your blond into a brilliant cooler color.

The shampoo does not deposit gray pigment so it does not dull the hair’s natural shine.

With the OP|BLONDE ANTI- YELLOW MASK you can add more anti-yellowing strength to the effect of shampooing and treat your hair with an infusion of protein, vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, and valuable natural extracts of walnuts and almonds.

We have created the all-Italian Anti-Yellow formula of excellence for the beauty of blond hair, both natural and treated, for white and gray hair.


68,00  Original price was: 68,00 €.54,40 Current price is: 54,40 €.

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